Checklist before your stay

  • PLEASE double check your cat is up to date with their vaccinations before booking them in, as we may not be able to take them without being fully vaccinated! We don’t have an isolation unit, if they are staying with us and need a isolation unit this is provided by Medivet Woodstock
  • If you have a confirmed booking, we ask you to fill out our booking form online prior to dropping off your cat otherwise you can fill out this form in our office when dropping off your cat
  • We don’t allow viewings in the cattery, its mainly to not stress the cats out with so many changing faces, unfortunately you an not put your cats in the units. check out our gallery for pictures of the units
  • We strongly advise that you bring your cat’s own food with them for the duration of their stay, although we do provide food. It’s always better for your cat to stay on its regular diet as changes can upset their tummies
  • Our opening times are 9.30am which is our morning slot and 4.30pm evening slot, if you are unable to make these times contact us for an arrangement to amend or make a new booking please call in office hours please note we get very busy during school holidays
  • We are closed Monday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, Sundays and all bank holidays, so if you require pick up you will have to arrange it around times that we are open for example if you return home Saturday mid-day and its a bank holiday weekend you will not be able to collect your cat until Tuesday at 9.30am
  • If you’d like your cat to be groomed please bring their own brushes with them
  • Remember to get your cat in the night before, as they do like to run off if they see the carrier, and you may lose out on your booking
  • All your cat needs is their immunisation documents, carrier and blanket
  • Please ensure your cat has been defled and wormed
  • Please note on check out your cat will be ready for you at the arranged time in its carrier ready so please if possible keep to the times!

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