Terms & Conditions

Vaccinations must be up-to-date at the time of the stay and evidence of this must be provided for each cat in the form of a vaccination certificate signed by your vet. We will retain vaccination certificates for the duration of the stay and return them at check out.  Please ensure your vet has got your name and current address on the vaccination record for your cat.  This is particularly important where you have acquired a cat from a rescue or a kitten from a breeder when the vaccinations may be under a different name.

The following vaccinations are a must: FHV+FCV (cat flu) and FPV (feline enteritis).

FHV = Feline Herpesvirus.   FCV = Feline Calicivirus.  FPV = Feline Panleucopaenia Virus = Feline Enteritis

If you are not sure what your cat has been vaccinated against, please check with your vet in good time before checking in.  For initial vaccinations which are given in two doses, 2-3 weeks apart (either for kittens or where your cat’s cover has lapsed and needs to be started again), your cat must have both doses administered at least two weeks before check-in.  It is always worth checking your vaccination record prior to making a booking.

Isolation We do not have an isolation unit on-site, so are unable to take cats that have been unvaccinated, Medivet Woodstock provide our isolation unit if a cat displays any signs of a contagious virus.

Flea and wormer Please ensure your cat is up-to-date with flea and worm treatment for the time of their stay. Treatment should be administered at least 3 days before their stay.

If we notice your cat has signs of fleas or worms during their stay with us, we will consult with our vet and administer their recommended treatments.  The cost will be added to the cost of your cat’s stay.

Viewings We do not allow viewings in the cattery, its mainly to not stress the cats with so many changing faces, when you drop your cats off you will see the units your cats will be staying in. Check our gallery for pictures of the units.

Cat carrier All cats must be transported to the cattery in a suitable secure pet carrier.  There are no exceptions to this, under no circumstances should cats be carried in your arms or in a box.  A sudden movement, loud noise or bang could result in your cat escaping and running off.  We cannot be held responsible if this happens.

Medication we are happy to give your cat their medication however we will charge £2 extra per day, we do not do any injections. All medication must be clearly labelled in their original dispensing receptacles showing the cat’s name, instructions for use, dosage rate and times and accompanied by details of the condition being treated. We reserve the right to not medicate if it puts the staff at risk.

Illness  Depending on the nature of the illness or concern we will either contact you and agree a course of action or, in the case of more immediate need, we will seek medical advice from our affiliated vets at Beaumont vets.

If we are unable to contact you we will, take any necessary decisions in your cat’s best interest and as deemed appropriate and necessary by our vet. Please note that you will be fully responsible for paying all veterinary costs.

Food we provide Felix wet pouches and a go cat kibble, along with a selection of dreamies treats. If you prefer your cat to have something different or if they are on breed specific, medical or raw diets you are very welcome to bring their own food and we will follow your feeding regime. We have a fridge for any chilled/frozen food. We would recommend they stay on their regular diet as changes can upset their stomachs.

Drop off we ask if you bring along their favourite bedding/blankets, which smells of home to help them settle in, up to date vaccination card, medication, food, and any of their favourite smaller toys

Behaviour If your cat has any history of aggressive or vicious behaviour (towards anyone or anything) this must be declared at check in.  This has absolutely no effect on your cat’s stay with us in terms of them being most welcome, it is purely so that we understand and can try and ensure they enjoy their stay without getting unduly stressed.

Grooming will be carried out if necessary, we appreciate if owners bring their own grooming equipment. However our cattery will not be responsible for grooming any cats that get distressed or risk causing harm to our staff.

Collars In the interest of safety, we will remove their collars for the duration of their stay and return them at check out.

Cats sharing Only cats from the same household who normally live together may share a room. Please confirm if you don’t want your own cats sharing.

Bookings Day of arrival, day of departure and all days booked are charged for (not just days used if you shorten the stay).  Making a confirmed booking (by any means, verbal or written) forms a legal contract with us. We ask for a deposit of £40 on each booking, deposits are not refundable.

Minimum charge Although less than 5 day stays are welcome, a minimum five day accommodation charge is made throughout the year unless stated during school summer holidays and over the festive period which is a minimum 14 days.

Payment is required in full at check out. We ask for payment in cash, if this isn’t possible PayPal or a bank transfer is accepted.

Check in and out are strictly by appointment only. We ask that customers are punctual at check in and notify us if they will be late if more than 10 minutes. Our opening times are 9.30am which is our morning slot and 4.30pm evening slot. We are closed Monday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, all day Sunday and all bank holidays, if you return home Saturday mid day and its a bank holiday weekend you will not be able to collect your cat until Tuesday at 9.30am. Unless you make special arrangements with us which will incur an extra cost. Remember to get your cat in the night before, as they do like to run off if they see the carrier, and you may lose out on your booking. Please note on check out your cat will be ready for you at the arranged time in its carrier so please keep to agreed times.

Cancellations Our cancellation policy is intended to provide a reasonable compromise between allowing customers the flexibility to cancel their cat’s stay and avoiding lost revenue where we cannot re-let the room at short notice and may have turned other customers away. During off peak bookings we happy to not charge if you give at least 2 days notice before the check in date, otherwise we will charge a minimum of two day fee. During peak season, summer holidays and the festive period, we ask for at least five days notice. If not we have to charge 50% of your total booking fee and a cancellation the day before a stay would be charged at the full price. However we ask as soon as you know your booking needs to change to let us know.

Extending your booking we are happy to have your cat for longer if needed, however we ask for you to contact us before your original collection date, to make sure we have availability.

Uncollected cats In the case of any cat not being collected within 6 days of the agreed collection date and with no communication from the pet owner or their emergency contact, we reserve the right to gift the cat to a suitable animal charity for rehoming.  Any fees, including but not limited to boarding fees, veterinary fees, medication, late-collection fees and fees paid to the charity will remain due.

Responsibility whilst every effort is made to ensure the comfort and safety of your cat whilst in the cattery, responsibility cannot be held for illness, disease, accident or death that may occur during boarding. All cats are boarded at their own risk.

Unexpected death In the unfortunate event a cat should die whilst staying at our cattery, we will of course make every effort to contact the owner or emergency contact as soon as possible.  Unless we are instructed otherwise, the cat will be taken to their registered  veterinary surgery for the appropriate safe storage until the owner’s return. We can also organise cremation, if agreed by the owner.

Photography we will occasionally take pictures of the cattery and our guests to use for our website and social media, we reserve the right to use these unless otherwise stated.

Charges we charge £22 for one cat and £34 for two cats sharing, the price includes the day you check your cat in and the day you check out. There is no discount if you provide your own food. We are a small cattery with brand new UPVC walk-in penthouse units.